About us

International Day Care Center is a multi- cultural facility.  The children and staff come from different backgrounds. We fully support and celebrate the wonderful diversity of the human family.  At our International Day Care Center we strive to help children develop their own understanding and appreciation of cultural differences. Our god is to help every child reach his or her own full potential.
International Day Care Center currently provides full-day and half-day day programs for children from 15 months through twelve years of age.


Programs and program costs of attending our center.

Center Policy

We believe the individuality of each child is imperative to their development into successful adulthood. We have many policies and guidelines that describe our culture and practices here at the International Day Care Center.

Contact us

4780 Karns Ave.
Lisle Il 60532

Email :  internationaldaycenter@gmail.com
Phone :  630 479 7287

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